Easy price - Easy decision

  • It starts for FREE for the first few transactions so you can try it out and see how easy it is and how it works. You then get the 50% discounted early adopter price which is an offer that is only open for a limited time.
  • Once you have registered and, we feel sure, you wish to continue using the system you just add credit to your account using the function within the system. It is that simple. For every transaction you then issue we subtract the price of the transaction from your balance. When your balance goes below a certain threshold we send a reminder email to your admin account.
  • We price per transaction. A transaction is when you send an assessment to one employee.
  • An assessment can be a risk assessment, Covid Guidance documentation and/or a Covid "Employee "Check-in" Survey.
  • Using the UK pricing as an example, if you have 10 employees and you need each of them to complete an assessment each day then the cost would be 10 * £0.13p or £1.30p per day. To get your monthly cost just multiply your daily cost by the number of your working days in a month. For a company of 10 people working a 5 day week it would work out at about £26.00 per month or £312.00 per year. Quite a cheap protection insurance policy.
  • One last thing. We provide a scheduler in the system. So using the above example you would complete just one assessment schedule to be sent once per working day and include all 10 employees. Then just sit back and examine the results.