Easier and cheaper

Easier and cheaper than paper or email systems. Save time and money.

Digital Records

Digital records that can be interpreted or used as evidence against costly legislation


Results saved in real-time for your review


Obtain benefits that paper or email systems cannot provide


Automated Alerting identifying problems in real-time


Identify trend analysis of hot spots where greater attention or training is needed

Identify your Employee

Identify employee trends to prevent issues before they happen

Have "Fit-for-Work" assessment

Have each member of staff complete a "Fit-for-Work" assessment each and every time they come on-site

Cloud Based System

Manage and control from one central Cloud based system

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1. Protect Your Staff & Your Customers

A "Fit-for-Work" assessment is no longer a nice-to-have. It is now an essential piece of time critical information that is Must-Have Business Intelligence that protects you and your staff now and in the future.
* Ensuring that all your staff, your contractors and anybody who works for you has completed a "Fit-for-Work" assessment.
* A "Fit for Work" assessment sent electronically to every worker as soon as they arrive at their work place gives you documented proof that you have a Safe working environment.
* "Fit for Work" or "Fit for Duty" assessments are now, more than ever, a critical Business and Management tool in protecting your business, your employees, your clients, your customers and yourself.

2. I currently use a paper system. Why do I need to do      it Electronically?

Doing it on paper means that you lose critical Business Intelligence of trend analysis, identifying hot-spots and patterns that give indication of help needed by your staff. Just being able to quickly search, identify and analyse any specific assessment for any specific person on any given date or covering a period of time.

And how are you sure they have read the guidance and done the survey?

The Clear-Safe system prompts you if something is not right. - Clear-Safe prompts you with a warning if the staff member hasn't signed the Risk Assessment or signed to say that they have read the guidance document or completed the "Fit-for-Work" survey. - Clear-Safe prompts you if a survey question has been answered negatively or if the score limits you set have been exceeded. - Clear-Safe prompts you if the staff member hasn't signed the Risk Assessment and/or guidance documents or survey within a pre-set period of arriving at their work place. You set up the Risk Assessment, you specify which guidance documents they need to read and you set the survey and you then distribute it. The staff member gets it on their mobile device App. You then get prompted by the dashboard and/or by email if there is a problem. Setup, Distribute, Manage with intelligent warning prompts.

How do you check and keep up-to-date with what is going on?

As well as losing all the BI information, it is a faulty thinking and false economy that doing it on paper is easier, quicker or simpler to manage or to maintain. Paper gives additional and huge problems of management, keeping the Master copy updated, storage, distribution, tracking who should review it and whether they have, whether all the staff have been reached and retention of the completed paperwork is a major headache you just don't need to burden yourself with.
Similarly, doing it via e-mail and PDF just doesn't satisfy the audit requirements and leaves you with a systemic problem that only increases as the amount of completed assessments increase daily.

If one of your staff indicates they are feeling unwell how will you identify this from the paper?

Doing it electronically removes all the potential debates and arguments that could arise. "I told you yesterday and the day before that I wasn't feeling well" versus "You did not indicate on any of your survey results in the past days that you were feeling unwell." Doing it digitally, electronically using a system designed for this specific purpose with data and signatures date and time stamped alleviates all the manual effort associated with either paper or email. The costs alone of the manual overhead associated with such systems justifies changing to an electronic system.


*  Easy to get started and Easy to use.
*  Apps for both Apple IOS and Android mobile devices.
*  Transaction based pricing - only pay for what you use.
*  Secure system logon.
*  Multiple Admin users to spread the load or manage across different sites.
*  Create your own risk assessment/method statement using the system quickly and easily
*  Upload any document as a guidance or procedure that you wish to.
*  Create as many Risk Assessments/method Statements as you need