Initial setup

Next steps

  • Once you have proven the system works and can see the benefits then the next steps are just as easy.
  • At this stage we recommend that you spend a few minutes becoming familiar with the "How To" section and the self-help guides that are in there. These will help get you started in the right order.
  • You add your work locations then you add your employees. If you need to do a bulk load of these then contact us and we can help you do this. It takes seconds for each one and so if you just have a limited amount then using the system is probably easier. Once an employee is added then they get an email giving them their userid and password and a link to the App store to download the App.
  • This approach also let's you do the implementation in stages maybe team by team or location by location.
  • Then create a new risk assessment by creating a new one from scratch or by modifying the standard template already in the system. Upload your guidance document and either create a new survey or edit and amend the existing one.
  • You are then ready to start creating and sending out assessments. The system will warn you when the free credit is going to expire so you can add more credit. This method allows you to build up the cost gradually only paying for what you are using.
  • In reality, you have nothing to lose by registering and giving it a go. A few moments of your time that will save you and/or company cash as well as hours in effort.