"The Benefits of running and using an Employee ""Check-in"" Assessment system are immediate and far-reaching. If you are not using one of these
systems then your business, employees and your Company Directors are all working at risk as well as missing out on key benefits and advantages.

If you are using a paper based or an email system then you may as well be throwing money away as you are not realising the benefits you could be."

Clear-Safe™© reduces your risk by providing a Business Intelligence system that really protects your Business, your Employees and Your Company's Directors.

  • Easy to setup and easy to use
  • Provides useful, Value-Add Business Intelligence
  • Retain and reuse your existing investment
  • Trend Analysis that saves you money
  • Protect your business from expensive litigation
  • An Insurance policy that is pro-active
  • Inexpensive investment - Massive Savings
  • Cheaper, Easier and more Efficient than paper systems
  • Only costs pennies per employee per day
  • Only pay for what you use - no extra cost
  • Protect your employees
  • Reduce the amount of staff sick days
  • Flexible with no change in to your working practices
  • Easy and extensive historic search