You can send a risk assessment, guidance documents and an employee "Check-in" survey or a combination. Clear-Safe allows you to cover all the bases and all situations.
That's all it takes. 15 minutes of your time and no cost to try it out and see how easy and useful it is. You register your company, your setup one employee or use your admin record and then use the existing templates to create your first assessment. Just download the App and logon and you will see how easy it is.
The main system that holds the results has an integrated online Help in the system itself. You will be guided there by the system and a whole list of "How To" guides will take you through the process. At any point you can go back to these. They will stay on the screen to guide you through the activity.
Only when your employees arrive at their work place can they complete the survey. The survey is created by you using the system. It can feature multiple question/answer types which will allow you to determine the physical and mental state of the employee
Using Clear-Safe will save you time and money. Paper system are a massive overhead. You have to print out the forms. Then distribute to the employees. Then gather and store them after the employee has competed them. There is a security issue of holding employee information. There is no way that you can prove if or when the employee signed or read the assessment. It is just inefficient and wasteful.
Download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores. Then just logon with your email address and password that have been entered into the system by your company admin user. Then you just follow the simple menus.
Rather than saving the results on paper which has its own problems or on email which gives a major problem in getting to the information you can now have the data stored electronically. This means that you now have a database of results that not only reduces your costs and your effort but also allows you to interpret the results. As well as giving you the information that protects your company and the employee it also gives you accessable business intelligence.
You have already made an investment in writing your policies and guidance. You can either transfer these onto a risk assessment template within the system or you can just upload your documents. This way you are keeping the investment already made. You are only making the delivery method more efficient and giving yourself better intelligence.
So the employee completes the Survey and gives an answer that raises cause for concern. How do you know. You may have hundreds of employees all completing their survey at approximately the same time. This is where the system helps. If there is an answer that indicates a problem then the system alerts you and flags the Employee. Now you can take the appropriate action.
Assessments can be created and sent to individuals or for entire teams at the same location. This gives the flexibility to create and assiign the assessment(s) as you want to or need to. On a schedule or ad-hoc as a one off.
Using paper or email systems means that you are losing all the business intelligence and knowledge that is being gathered. Information that can be essential to protect your company, your employees and your Directors. Although it is there it is hard, if not impossible, to interpret. Why collect data when it is useless and gives no added value?
Once you have registered the system will guide you through the actions you have to take. It is as simple as registering your employees, loading your Procedure documents, modifying the survey and you are ready to issue your first Assessment.
You probably have these already and so why waste the time or cost reinventing the wheel. Your own words, your own logos and your own formats so your staff see and use something familiar. Easier all round.
There is a sample survey already installed in the system. You can use this or you can change this by deleting and adding questions or you can create a brand new survey with your own question set. It is easy and intuitive to do and the How-To guidance is there to help you.
There are no large up-front payments and no licences and no annual contracts. You only pay for what you use. This is an up-front payment made online. The system tells you when your account is running low. You then calculate how many Assessments you will be doing in the next period and then that is all you pay to keep your account in credit.
This is important. It prevents your employees from completing the Assessment before they actually get to the work site. The Assessment only becomes active if the mobile device is within a set distance of the work site. This stops them completing the Assessment at home which is not what is required. If the employee cannot make it to work then that is covered by your own attendance systems. This feature can, of course, be turned off but we don't recommend it.
The App is so simple and intuitive that there is no pre-training required. There is no reason for your staff to take time away from their day jobs. No expensive training schedule. They just download the app and start using it and completing the information you need to stay safe.
A Risk Assessment Method Statement is a more formal way of ensuring that the proper considerations have been specified and have been read. A risk or activity is specified along with the mitigating actions and a before and after score. The system provides the ability to create Risk Assessment Method Statements with detailed steps. These can then be sent to the Employee along with or instead of any guidance document and along with the Fit for Work survey.
So how do you keep track of all your Employees health conditions and how they are feeling when they first start their work day? You just cannot do this using paper forms. How do you spot trends that miight give you a warning that things are not quite right? Trends such as an increase in the same symptoms in the same work place. Or that the same employee reports conditions on the same day of the week? Or that additional employees in the same work location are developing siilar symptoms? Or that one employee never completes the survey on time? Now you can get critical information that enables you to make good decisions before a situation becomes a problem.
You pay per transaction. A transaction is an assessment sent to any one employee. The transaction cost is on the web site. We subtract the price of a transaction from your credit amount. There are no other costs. Simple, easy and always Clear.
Making it easy for the employee to use the system was a key design feature. The Assessments are downloaded as soon as they are created and as soon as the employee logs onto the app. They are uploaded as soon as the signatures have been done and the survey completed. All the employee has to do is to follow the instructions for an Active Assessment. If an Assessment is Active then the emlployee completed it. Easy and Simple.
For legal purposes you have to prove the exact time that the employee signed their compliance. The only proof is a date and time stamp of when they signed the Risk Assessment, signed that they have read the guidance and when they completed the survey. Anything else just doesn't give you the proof and so doesn't give you the protection.
The App reminds the employee that there is an outstanding action. If the employee goes on-site and forgets to complete the Assessment the App alerts the employee and keeps on alerting them. The alert is also sent back to the main system so that the alert status is displayed on the main system. The employee or the employee's manager can now be informed to take action.
So an employee indicates that they are not feeling well, have a slight temperature or has no sense of smell but still comes to work and fills in a paper form how do you know? With a paper form or an email system you would have to have someone interpret the results in real time. Just not possible. Clear-Safe analyses the results based upon the scores that you have assigned in the survey. If the score is outside of the expected range then the Assessment is flagged with a warning. You can clearly see the warnings in the system and interpret the assessment you can see the results or cause. Now you can phone and send the employee home, inform the rest of the team to keep watch and protect the team and the business.
Clear-Safe checks if the employee is on site, checks whether the Assessment has been completed, alerts the employee to complete the Assessment, alerts the Admin User if an Assessment has not been completed and alerts the Admin User if an Assessment contains potential issues. The Employee cannot complete the Assessment unless they are on-site and have to do so within a set time of arriving on-site.
All results of completed Risk Assessments, the date & time of the signature saying gudiance has been read and the completed surveys are transferred back to the central system. All resluts are therefore available to the Admin user. This system is as easy to use and is as intuitive as the mobile APps and also has an How to help guidance section to guide you through any part of the system.
To interpret the results you can search by almost any criteria. Specific Employee, specific site, date or date range, status, etc. You can also filter using much the same criteria. This allows you to see targeted trees within a whole forest of data.
You don’t even need to interpret the system manually. We can setup the system for you so that it can send you an email or an alert. We don't advise this as you don’t know how many alerts you will generate. However, we can make your life easier using automated alerts.
The functionality and features of the system are not reflected in the price. You can get a lot for very little. For just a few pennies per employee per day you get one of the most pro-active and best insurance poilices that it is possible to obtain. The cost-benefit analysis is a no-brainer really. And you can try it for free.
If you need an invoice we shall send it out to your main email address that you used to register every time you make a payment. We also keep track of all payments and a full usage history. You can see this in the system at any time.
How do you send the same Assessment to your employees at one work site at a specifc time each day? You use the Scheduler and set a start date, an end date and a time of the day. The system then automatically generates the Assessment for each employeee selected and continues to do so each day until the end date or you stop it. Set and forget. Easy, Simple, Efficient.
Trends are probably the most important piece of Business Intelligence that you are missing. If you are using paper based or email based systems you are still missing this critical information. Imagine being able to identify that one employee had a condition and then 2 days later 2 more employees show that same condition. You could save a lot of wasted sick time by identifying this quickly and taking fast action to prevent it spreading. Even spotting seasonal flu or flu-like virus symptoms early can save thousands in sick days. This is just one trend within a range that the system can report on that are all geared towards making your work places more productive and healthier.
There are a lot of e-mail system out there that call themselves digital, electronic systems. They aren't. It is just the movement of simulated paper but just moving it faster. This just gives you a faster problem. The old issues with paper are still there. You cannot easily interpret the results, alerts are almost impossible and trend analysis is a joke. You are running a system that gives you no Business Intelligence and very little value add. If you have these systems then the first thing you should do is bin them.