Tips to Keep Yourself Healthy During the Lockdown Period

Since the coronavirus pandemic shifted to high gear in early 2020 and since, lockdowns are a common thing that everyone is experiencing worldwide. For most people, this safety management plan is an ongoing way of life now. 

Despite the main positive benefits of the lockdown protocol against Covid-19, people faced many wellness issues. Many resorted to bad habits like unhealthy binging and lack of exercise, while others succumbed to mental pressure and depressive thought processes. 

You need to take the right steps to take care of both your physical and psychological health. But how to do so when every day feels like the same? In this article, we shall discuss just that. 

1. Avoid Touching Your Face with Unclean Hands 

The virus can enter one's body through their orifices like their nose, mouth, or eyes. Hands carry most of the germs, so you need to avoid putting them near your face.

2. Follow Sanitation Rules 

Wash your hands regularly, especially if you have come back from the market or another area with many people around. You should also wash your hands after touching bags you ordered online for extreme precaution and sanitize your grocery bags as well. 

Generally, wash your hand using soap and water for 20-30 seconds whenever you can. Or, best-case scenario, carry a hand sanitizer with you that has a 60% alcohol content minimum. 

3. Research About the Covid-19 Symptoms 

To contact the doctor or get treatment at the right time, you should know what symptoms to look out for. The three main signs known to all are loss of taste and smell, constant coughing, and fever. 

Other common symptoms at this point are muscular pain, sore throat, headache, loss of appetite, hives, skin rash, difficulty breathing, delirium, and diarrhoea, among others. As per the lockdown guidance, you should observe isolation practises at this point. 

4. Avoid All Public Transport 

If you are going out, do not use public transport like tubes, trains, or buses as much as possible. You are more likely to come into contact with a carrier at these population-heavy vehicles. Instead, cycle or walk- these are good practises for exercising and physical fitness as well. 

5. Eat Healthily 

You should eat the right kind of ingredients that offer immunity-enhancing benefits and support a balanced diet. For best health and safetyconsume more green leafy vegetables and add Indian spices to your food. For the latter, black pepper and turmeric benefit immunity well. Also, eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin D and C. 

6. Maintain Social Distancing Rules 

Social distancing is a crucial step you should remember to follow for best safety. When around people, observe a distance of 1 meter at all times. 

7. Focus on Your Mental Health 

Finally, try to keep yourself busy and perform activities that boost your mental strength and reduce stress. Try yoga or basic breathing exercises to improve your health, both physically and mentally. Also, avoid isolating yourself; talk to your family and friends to re-gain a sense of normalcy and improve your mood. 


Overall, follow the right kind of health practices every day and stay engaged with others. Avoid crowded areas. Wear a mask and sanitize yourself frequently if you do go out. With such habits, you can keep your health intact during this period. 

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